Best Medical Equipment Manufacturing Company in India

GPC Medical Limited is a Delhi based international standard company that manufactures and exports hospital, medical, surgical and laboratory equipment. These include all kinds of devices and instruments that work in the medical chain. GPC has its wings spread into almost all the medical supplies and is a one stop source for all your hospital and laboratory needs.

Our Products

Orthopedic Implants & Instruments

Anesthesia Equipment & Accessories

Hospital Furniture

Hospital & Medical Clothing

Stainless Steel Hospital Holloware



Microscopes & Projectors

Cold Chain Equipment

Examination Lights

Diagnostic Instruments

Suction Units

Medical Imaging Systems

Plastic Hollowware

Operation Theatre Lights

Surgical Rubber Goods

Rehabilitation Products & Aids

Surgical Instruments

Baby Care Equipment

Laboratory Equipment

Medical Disposables

Safety IV Cannula

Shadowless Lights

Surgical Needles

UV Sterilizers

Weighing Balances

Operating Tables

Arthroscopy Instruments

Pathology Lab Items

Physiotherapy Equipment

Veterinary Implants & Instruments

Medical Waste Management

Micro Endoscopic Video System

Surgical Sutures

Medical Equipment & Supplies Company

Why GPC is the best option for all your medical supplies needs?

GPC believes in stringent quality standards since there can be no scope of compromise for a precious life. The professionals employed for GPC are a highly qualified team that follows the quality norms with absolute passion and perseverance. GPC qualifies as a world class company for the products it manufactures and has the following certifications to prove its quality standards.

  • CE
  • ISO9001-2008
  • ISO 13485:2012
  • WHO-GMP Compliant
  • US FDA 510 (K)

The norms of these certifications are followed with strictly maintained standards.

GPC and its worldwide presence

GPC products are not only sold and supplied in India but almost in all parts of the world they have their niche. We often participate in International trade fairs and personally visit our valued international clients for their valued patronage towards GPC products.

Customer Satisfaction  

The strength of GPC lies in keeping its customers satisfied. Every product is double checked and verified before being sent to the client and whether it’s a small order a big order the quality and the customer satisfaction is given equal footage. We believe in participating in providing healthy lives to people with our products and winning their smiles and blessings.

We also customize our products manufacturing according to the need of the clients for their hospitals or laboratories. The raw material that is used for our products is never compromised for its quality and is the best in the market.

Even once the products are sold we take a regular feedback from our clients to keep them completely satisfied with our products and take tips from them for further improvement if required. We are innovative and flexible in our approach and mould the products as per the needs of the medical institution.

Competitive Pricing

We price all our products very competitively while maintaining high standards. Our pricing is the best in the market and will make the customer feel the best value for their money. Honest and valued pricing is one of the trademarks of all the GPC Medical products.

GPC therefore stands out as the best company for all your hospital and medical supplies requirement.

Orthopedic Implants Manufacturer

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Client Testimonials:

GPC: Hospital & Medical Equipment Manufacturer – Best Quality & LOW Prices!


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