GPC Medical Limited invites you to meet us at the FIME 2014

Medical Trade Shows are a platform for medical companies to advertise their products in a single venue that comprehensively cover the leading global medical companies. It not only serves as a showcase for the medical companies to display their latest products but also becomes a rendezvous for large companies to advertise their efflorescence.

Global health care has become a burning issue and medical companies are always enthusiastic about participating in the latest innovative health care developments. Therefore, a medical fair becomes an arena of health care conferences, a venue for interaction between the titanic medical companies, and most importantly a strive for all, to give the best medical products to save precious lives.

GPC Medical Limited, an India based medical equipment manufacturing company, is always striving to maintain its international standards, and participate in all global medical fairs to maintain its worldwide presence. We would be attending the FIME Show being held in Miami, Florida from 6th to 8th August 2014.

GPC Medical Limited at FIME 2013

Highlights about FIME Show

The FIME International Medical Expo is the biggest medical show organized in Miami Beach, Florida, USA. It is being organized since the last 24 years. The annual event is a purchasing show which attracts the conventional distributor networks, group purchasing organizations, integrated delivery networks, hospitals, imaging centers, private practice facilities, and HME/DME providers. Apart from being the hub of all the medical purchases, supplies and technical integration in the medical world it also is the venue of a seven track educational conference.

Around 60,000 medical professionals visit this fair every year. It is a very popular fair visited by most medical companies to highlight their products . The market that this show covers is the largest and fastest growing market of which the Americas itself is projected to be at a staggering $120 billion for the year 2014 and a world overview would be close to 250 billion dollars. Most of the professional medical business tycoons visit and interact with each other as they discuss the biggest challenges facing the medical industry and collaborations between the various companies and the government policies and programs affecting them.

Why Medical Companies Should Attend the FIME Show?

Opportunities like the FIME Show have become an annual affair in the US, in fact in the global medical world for medical companies to get together and bring forth the latest medical innovations. It analyzes the growing health hazards and each company gets to highlight its latest researched products. The competitiveness adds to the benefit of the buyers who can choose from the advertised products and take a decision regarding which company gives the best value for money.

GPC Medical Limited would be presenting its products at stand no 643. Please visit our stand to give us an opportunity to present to you the wide range of medical products our company has to offer to you. We would be delightful to have you at our stand and can assure you that your precious time spent at our stand will be worthwhile and will end your quest for the right product.

EMAIL US at Or VISIT to know more about our company and product line.

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