Laryngoscope and its Usefulness

A Laryngoscope is used for Laryngoscopy which primarily is helpful in identifying any problems related to the throat. Laryngoscopy is a medical procedure system that is used for getting a view of the vocal folds and glottis. Since, the throat is a narrow long structure; it needs to be viewed through a device in order to know the problem that is going on within the throat.

Why Does a Doctor prescribe for Laryngoscopy?

Laryngoscopy is prescribed when a patient is facing the following difficulties in her/his throat or voice box

  • A throat pain that has been persistent and does not get relieved by the conventional methods
  • Bad breath that is permanently there in spite of the many mouth fresheners
  • If a person coughs up blood, it is important to get the Laryngoscopy done
  • If there is difficulty in swallowing food
  • A constant feeling that something is there in your throat
  • For constant smokers who have upper long term respiratory problems
  • Ear pain that does not go away
  • Chronic cough that is painful
  • If you breathe nosily and also find difficulty in breathing you need to get a Laryngoscopy done
  • Mass in the head or neck area with signs of cancer
  • If you have difficulty in your voice like a hoarseness, weak voice, raspy voice or no noise

Laryngoscopy is broadly done in Three Ways

Indirect Laryngoscopy – This is a simple procedure where a small mirror is held at the back of your throat. The doctor then shines a light on the mirror to view your throat. Indirect Laryngoscopy does not require any kind of preparation and can be directly done by the doctor on a general visit.

Fiberoptic Laryngoscopy – Fiberoptic Laryngoscopy uses a small flexible telescope. This is inserted from your nose to your throat. It is the most common way to examine your voice box.

Direct Laryngoscopy – When the throat shows some serious signs for it to be examined, a direct Laryngoscopy is done. A laryngoscope comes into use in this procedure. The instrument is placed in the back of your throat. It not only allows the doctor to have a closer examination of the throat but also remove an object that is blocking the air way or extract a small tissue for microscopic biopsy. For direct Laryngoscopy the patient needs to be given anesthesia.

Fiber Optic Laryngoscopes

Is Laryngoscopy Risky?

Laryngoscopy is a safe procedure but can be risky in the following cases

  • Allergic reaction top anesthesia, including problems related to breathing and heart
  • If you have ulcers in the lining of the mouth or the throat
  • Prone to infection
  • You may get nose bleed or major bleeding
  • Injury to tongues or lips
  • You may get spasms of the vocal cords

Why to choose the best Laryngoscope?

In medical examinations, it is the instrument that is very crucial in both giving an accurate result and for the safety of the patient. In a delicate examination like the Laryngoscopy the instrument used should be very safe and quality stricken. An equipment failure in this can mean a life threatening condition as it can be hazardous to the air way.

GPC Medical supplies laryngoscopes that are completely safe and give accurate results.

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