Why it is important to lose weight

Being overweight, undoubtedly can be very harmful to your overall health and becomes the primary cause of many of your health problems. Not only does it cause physical health problems it also leads to various inhibitions while attending social circles and people taking upon you at your work place. It can be demoralizing at times and also makes one sensitive while going for family gatherings.

It is an open secret that obese people are more likely to suffer from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. It also accentuates arthritis, back aches and other physical complications. Losing weight is often recommended for almost all your aliments including people suffering from infertility to high cholesterol. Each one of us being aware of the importance of having a fit and healthy body needs to work towards it systematically. Weight loss should be about 1or 2 pounds per week for a period of six months.

How to start the process of losing weight?

It is almost a mantra for every doctor you visit to get advised to maintain your weight for a more healthy living. Almost all of us know this even before we visit the doctor but how to take that first step becomes the million dollar question. Before we talk about the tips for losing weight it is important to remember that losing weight is not an impossible task. All you need is a strong mantle make up and the belief that you can do it. Have patience and wait for the results without being in a hurry. A gradual cutting of weight is more ideal than the sudden loss of weight.

  • Begin your day with drinking warm water preferably with honey and lemon. It gives the perfect start for a healthy go.
  • Wake up at least half an hour before your routine time to pamper your body with either a walk or yoga or the gym whichever you feel comfortable with. This will give your body the loosening it needs for a more active day.
  • Cut down on your calorie intake for all your meals. Substitute idli for a paratha and an apple for a fried snack.
  • Making interesting soups and salads with fewer calories helps you make your food inviting and more filling without the extra calories.
  • If you have a sweet tooth, gradually cut down on the intake of the quantity of the sweet consumed.
  • When in parties or dinners make your fillings with salads and fruits.
  • Always be positive about getting to your goal and hitting the scale where you wish to.

Losing weight is more about will power and staying consistent in your food habits and physical exercise. Considering the kind of benefits losing weight can give to your general health being it is worth the sacrifice you make.

Once you have lost the weight it is important to maintain the weight or else it is likely to come back very soon.

If you have any hormonal disorders that are paving an obstruction to your losing weight, consult your doctor and go as per advised. The most important thing to remember while trying to lose weight is to change your food habits but keep your body energized with healthy food. Do not starve yourself and remain physically active.


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