Breathing Machines – A life savior

Breathing is a phenomenon that is seen as an inherent part of our lifestyle that comes to us as a package of the life we have been blessed for living. Inhaling in oxygen and exhaling out carbon di oxide is something we as humans perform 24 hours a day whether in conscious mind or even in sub conscious mind. It is when these taken for granted breaths start troubling us for various reasons we realize how important and crucial each breath can be for living. It is during these critical moments we need these special devices that are meant for breathing and become our life saviors’.

What are breathing machines?

A breathing machine is a device that assists a person in taking the breath in and exhaling it out smoothly without any obstruction.  They help in assisting the patient to breathe normally with the help of different types of breathing machines according to the problem suffered by the patient. These machines help the patients with lung problems in providing the right mechanism for the oxygen to be transferred to the blood stream. Usually persons suffering from asthmatic diseases, lung cancer and chronic obstructive lung disease require these machines.

Different types of Breathing Machines

Oxygen Concentrator
Oxygen Concentrator

Asthma Nebulizers – For all patients including children the asthma nebulizer is like a boon when a person is suffering from an asthma attack. It helps in changing the liquid medication to mist so that it can be easily inhaled by the sufferer and be transported to the lungs.  It is especially very useful for infants and small children who cannot use inhalers easily.

C–PAP Breathing Machine – The full form of C-PAP Machine is continuous positive airway pressure. This machine is required by those patients who have interrupted breathing problem while sleeping. This can be a dangerous condition wherein the patient may lose his or her breadth while in sleep. The use of C-PAP machine helps in assisting breathing by blowing air into the nose via a mask. This helps in keeping the airway open and helps the blood to absorb the oxygen that is so essential for living. The use of this machine generally arises for people who have a very short neck or an enlarged pharynx which causes anatomically blocked airway. The use of this breathing machine makes it safe for the patient to fight this condition and breathe normally during sleeping hours.

BIPAP Breathing Machines – the BIPAP Machines (bi-level positive airway pressure) is also another kind of machine that helps the person suffering from breathing normally to breathe properly. This type of machine is needed for people suffering from obesity or having a history of respiratory problems. They need the aid of a machine to push the air into the lungs and therefore keep the lungs open to allow more oxygen to enter into it and make the process of breathing smooth. The BIPAP machine works through connecting the machine to the face mask which is worn by the patient breathing in and out which aids the oxygen to enter the air sacs within the lungs. These are life saving devices and this particular machine is small and can be kept beside your bed in the home. A professional can assist you in teaching how to use the machine.

Oxygen Concentrator – As the name suggests, it is a machine that supplies pure oxygen to the lungs in order to improve the health condition of the person needing it. Persons with chronic lung conditions, people suffering from acute subsiding pneumonia need the oxygen concentrator especially during nights when the oxygen levels drop in the air. This machine provides pure oxygen via a mask or nasal cannula that is attached to a small prolonged tube placed in both the nostrils.

Respirators – a respirator is a small suitcase that is equipped with a small bottle of water that helps to humidify oxygen. It also has a battery pack to keep charging the respirator which can be charged while the patient is travelling in an automobile and can also be charged at home. People suffering from asthma, chronic obstructive lung disease, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases benefit from the respirator.

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