What are the Different Types of Hospital Furniture?

Hospital furniture is extensively used in hospitals and health care centres. Hospital furniture includes stretcher trolleys, hospital bed, bed side table, operating table, blood donor chair and many more, fulfilling the need of the patients and caregivers. Hospital furniture is designed with the assistance of advance technology which meets the requirement of patients. Apart from being comfortable and relaxing hospital furniture should also be safe and sterile for the ailing patients.

Most commonly used furniture that is required for a well run hospital include the following:

Hospital Bed:

Hospital bed consists of ICU Bed, Paediatric Bed, Ward plain Bed and Semi fowler Bed. These beds should be manufactured using high-grade material, which make them long lasting. Electrical and mechanical ICU beds must be corrosion free and remain intact for years. Paediatric bed with dropside rails are designed as per the specifications of the medical field. Semi fowler beds with adjustable backrest are also designed as per the medical parameters and offers high comfort to the patients. Electric beds with advanced technology have many useful features such as flexible side railing and simple operation to change the position of bed by pushing of a button.

Hospital Beds

Hospital Chair:

Different types of hospital chairs are dental chair, patient chairs, stair chair, recliner chair, wheel chair, gynaecological chair, stretcher chair, lift chair and shower chair. Hospital chair is a kind of furniture which consists of a seat, armrest and a back; and these are also available in different shapes, sizes, materials and design such as adult chair and baby furniture chair. Patient chairs are integral to healthcare delivery and each one meant for use by patients experiencing different medical conditions.

Doctor Chairs & Stools

Hospital Table:

Over bed table, examination table, operating table, delivery table and bedside table are included in hospital tables. Over bed table allows the patients to easily have their meal on beds. Delivery tables are designed to support the mother during all stages of giving birth that include labour, delivery and recovery.

Operating Tables

Hospital Trolley:

In health care centres, hospital trolleys are invaluable pieces of furniture. These are used to transport myriad hospital supplies and equipment such as hand accessory equipment, keratometer and anaesthesia equipment. There are two types of trolley one is stainless steel mayos trolley and another is stainless steel dressing trolley.

Hospital Trolleys

Hospital Cart:

Hospital carts play an important role in various medical operations as it is used for the transportation of various equipment and supplies such as drug cartons, diagnostic equipment and medical instruments. Anaesthesia cart is an essential type of furniture used in operating rooms and has locking swivel casters.

Ward Furniture:

Ward furniture is ideally used in various hospitals, medical centres and such other places. Ward plain bed, IV stand, bedside screen, bedside locker deluxe, hospital washbasin stand, hospital basin stand and other furniture comes in the category of ward furniture. It plays an important role in health care delivery.

Baby Furniture:

Hospital furniture that is designed for infants and babies in order to provide them suitable care is known as baby furniture. The different types of furniture that comes in this category are bath tub, cradles, bassinet, crib and shower gurneys.

Pediatric Beds

The demand for hospital furniture has steadily grown over the years. Along with the modern and advanced medical equipment hospital furniture have an important role to play in health care centres. Hospitals have specialised furniture needs that is unlike the home furniture segment and it should be designed in adherence to the medical parameters and offer high comfort and safety to the patients.

Source: http://www.gpcmedical.com/991/hospital-&-medical-furniture.html

Hospital Funiture



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