Saving Precious Lives through Infant Incubators

There is nothing more precious for parents who want to see their baby live a long life after it has entered into this world. At times several complications may arise due to premature birth of the baby or with an illness or disability or an early delivery due to unavoidable reasons. In such situations, it is imperative that special care is needed for the infant to protect him or her from various other complications and hence provide it with special care.

In such situations, to provide stable and safe environment to the child, the infant incubator is needed to assist the child in overcoming the difficulties.


Infant Incubator
Microprocessor Controlled Intensive Care Incubator

An incubator keeps the child well protected, keeping the infant under controlled temperature conditions, shielding the baby from harmful infections and protecting it from cold. The incubator serves like an artificial womb of the mother which can be well monitored from outside by professional help. Until the child becomes healthy and overcomes the disability it was facing, it is comfortably kept within the incubators to insulate it from outside noise, and make the infant comfortable. The enclosed and well monitored incubator is well sterilized to keep it protected from germs to make the child less vulnerable from infections. The incubator is roomy enough for many examinations   and simple medical procedures of the baby. The child is also well protected from too many hands holding it, and making the child vulnerable to infection.

Providing Oxygen

Infants who are suffering from respiratory distress syndrome need an incubator for artificial oxygenation. Depending upon the type of model of the incubator, one or more pieces of oxygenation equipment may be fit into the unit. Although it may sound or look intimidating to provide the infant with oxygenation but at times it becomes a very crucial life saver device since this syndrome is the leading cause of death among premature infants.

The most common method of oxygenation amongst the infant involves a nasal cannula, which pipes oxygen directly into the nostrils. There are other methods too, to provide oxygen to the baby for breathing it safely like placing a plastic hood over the infant’s head and using the continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP. Depending upon the condition of the infant, the method of oxygenation providing best relief and safety is chosen to breathe in life for the child.

A precious life can be saved by using this equipment timely. GPC Medical is one of the best and most reliable suppliers for infant incubators. They are needed in pediatric centre, neonatal intensive care units, and birth centres.


Infant/Child Care Equipment


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