What is a Hospital Bed?

In the modern medical world a comprehensive line of beds combined with ground-breaking intelligence, with high technology engineering to advance the standard of patients are being used. A hospital bed or cot is generally designed for hospitalised patients and for the convenience of health care workers. Common features of these beds are adjustable height, the head and the feet, adjustable side rail and electronic buttons to operate both the bed and the electronic devices nearby or attached to it.

Hospital Beds

Types of Hospital Beds:


Manual beds are moved or adjusted by using hand cranks. These cranks are located at the foot or head of the bed. Manual beds are not much advanced like electronic bed as you may not be able move this bed as many position like that of electronic bed.


These beds are more advance and easier to move or adjusted by simply pushing buttons. You can see more advance features on electronic bed, it has a hand control pad hooked to the bed that looks like a remote control of television.

ICU Beds

Modern Features of Hospital Beds are:

Most of the hospital bed models are quite complex due to this reason. Health care professionals and patients should understand how to use them properly. They should follow the instructions provided by the manufacturers. Most important modern features of hospital beds are as follow:


With the help of wheels of the hospital beds you can easily move the patient bed to the destination point with minimal disturbance. In patient care sometimes movement of a patient bed from a few inches to a few feet may be necessary. Wheels of these beds are lockable for the safety point of view of the patients.


Beds with adjustable side rails first appeared in England between 1815 and 1825. Manufacturers have designed their bed frames and their side rails to reduce the risk of injuries to the patients. These side rails can be easily raised or lowered according to the demand of the situation. Variety of different type of side rail is used to serve different purpose such as these are used by patients or staff members to prevent the patient falls. If the side rails are not properly built then it can be risky for the patients, so the manufacturing company has to follow guidelines regarding the safety of the side rails.


Side of the bed can be raised at the head, feet and their entire height. On the older beds it is done through cranks usually found at the foot of the bed but you can see this feature on electronic modern beds. Adjusting the bed by raising and lowering the height can help bring the bed to a comfortable level for the caregivers and patients to get in and out of bed. Fowler’s position or raising the head of the bed is used for sitting the patient for feeding or some other activities. Raising the feet may also be necessary and can help easy movements of the patient toward the headboard.


Specialist beds are beds with special features designed to help older and disabled people. Some of the examples of this type of beds are height adjustable beds, pressure reducing mattresses, chair bed, bed table, rope ladder, standing bed, turning bed and legacy bed. In other words you can say that these specialist beds are produced to effectively treat different injuries.

Operating Tables

You need a hospital bed if you or a family member is recovering from illness. A hospital bed can be rented or bought with the help of online medical store where you can also get some beneficial offers just like you can get mattresses or pillows free of cost. Hospital beds are used not only in hospitals, but also in outpatient care departments, long-term care facilities, and in private homes.

GPC Medical makes the most safe and comfortable beds with all modern features. We ensure that all the needs of the patients are being taken care of.

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