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GPC Medical Limited is a New Delhi based company that manufactures, supplies, and exports all kinds of hospital supplies and medical equipment. We are an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2012, CE, US FDA 510(K), WHO-GMP approved company that has its supplies all over the globe extending across 100+ countries.

The company envisages a vision to continue to supply medical and hospital products to all its present clients along with a view to grow exponentially with the same spirit and of keeping each one of our clients completely satisfied.

Medical and hospital products deal with saving lives and making life pain free therefore GPC Medical ensures that there is no scope of compromise at any level for the quality of the products. Our prices too bear a tag that is very competitive to make sure that each one of our user has the maximum benefit with the best pricing.

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What are the different types of Hospital Equipment?

Medical or hospital equipment also known as armamentarium is designed to aid in the diagnosis, monitoring or treatment of patients in various health care departments. The development of new advance featured medical equipment helps a patient to easily recover from their disease.  There are several basic types of hospital equipment are:

1) Diagnostic equipment:

Digital Thermometer

Equipment or tools used to diagnose, test or screen for health conditions are known as diagnostic equipment. Thermometer, Sphygmomanometer, Stethoscope, X-Ray machines, MRI machines comes in this category. It is said that correct diagnosis leads to correct treatment and it is the first task of the doctor, without doing this a health care professional cannot treat a patient well. Aim of hospitals which are health care centres is to diagnose, treat and care for their patient who suffers from any disease or injury. There is wide range of diagnostic equipment easily available in the market.  With the help of CT scan you are able detect heart disease. X-Ray machine is helpful in scanning orthopaedic and other ailments.

2) Therapeutic equipment:

There are numerous of medical equipment that can be used to treat patients and therapeutic medical equipment is one of these. Physiotherapy includes electrotherapy devices, ultrasound, laser therapy and magneto therapy equipment, high technology is used to design all these devices. Therapeutic medical products serve to both prevent and heal wounds of their patients with various types of swelling and wounds related to disease states ranging from lymphedema to diabetes need to depend on these products.

3) Surgical instruments:


Success of a surgery depends on accuracy continuity and high quality surgical instruments used during surgery. The range of surgical instruments is wide and it can be divided into six categories by function. These are:

a) Cutting instruments:

Bone chisel, dissecting knife, tenotomy scissors and bone cutter are used as cutting instrument during surgery.

b) Grasping or holding instruments:

Examples of grasping or holding instrument are surgical Pinzette, forceps dissecting, forceps tissue and needle holder.

c) Haemostatic forceps:

Mosquito forceps, Kelly forceps and kocher forceps are known as haemostatic forceps which are used to stop blood flow during surgery.

d) Retractors:

Nerve hook, Obstetrical hook, goelet retractor and skin hook with the help of these instruments a surgeon can either actively separate the edges of a surgical incision or wound.

e) Clamps and distractors:

Towel clamp and towel forceps are good example of this class of instruments.

f) Accessories and implants:

Dilator, cannula, surgical needle and sterilization tray and many more are used as accessories and implants.

4) Durable medical equipment:

Wheel Chair

Wheel chair, commodes and raised toilet sheet, walker and power operated vehicles which improves the quality of living of the patients are known as durable medical equipment. It also includes iron lungs, oxygen tents, nebulizers, catheters and hospital beds. Durable medical equipment is long lasting that are able to protect patients from injury.

5) Biomedical equipment:

In hospitals biomedical test equipment are used to check whether the accurate measure flow is irreplaceable of various medical equipment. These analysis tools have been used for oxygen concentrators, ventilator testing and anaesthesia gas delivery device to accurately measure oxygen, air as well as nitrous oxide pressure and flow. A biomedical equipment technician(BMET) employed primarily by hospital is responsible for  maintaining a facility’s medical equipment.

You should follow medical equipment maintenance manual provided by ministry of health and family welfare for the better maintenance of the equipment and to provide good treatment to your patients. The world health organisation department of Essential Health Technologies is planning to continuously update the list of core medical equipment so that outstanding treatment can be provided and they make it publically available on the WHO website for information purpose.

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Breathing Machines – A life savior

Breathing is a phenomenon that is seen as an inherent part of our lifestyle that comes to us as a package of the life we have been blessed for living. Inhaling in oxygen and exhaling out carbon di oxide is something we as humans perform 24 hours a day whether in conscious mind or even in sub conscious mind. It is when these taken for granted breaths start troubling us for various reasons we realize how important and crucial each breath can be for living. It is during these critical moments we need these special devices that are meant for breathing and become our life saviors’.

What are breathing machines?

A breathing machine is a device that assists a person in taking the breath in and exhaling it out smoothly without any obstruction.  They help in assisting the patient to breathe normally with the help of different types of breathing machines according to the problem suffered by the patient. These machines help the patients with lung problems in providing the right mechanism for the oxygen to be transferred to the blood stream. Usually persons suffering from asthmatic diseases, lung cancer and chronic obstructive lung disease require these machines.

Different types of Breathing Machines

Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen Concentrator

Asthma Nebulizers – For all patients including children the asthma nebulizer is like a boon when a person is suffering from an asthma attack. It helps in changing the liquid medication to mist so that it can be easily inhaled by the sufferer and be transported to the lungs.  It is especially very useful for infants and small children who cannot use inhalers easily.

C–PAP Breathing Machine – The full form of C-PAP Machine is continuous positive airway pressure. This machine is required by those patients who have interrupted breathing problem while sleeping. This can be a dangerous condition wherein the patient may lose his or her breadth while in sleep. The use of C-PAP machine helps in assisting breathing by blowing air into the nose via a mask. This helps in keeping the airway open and helps the blood to absorb the oxygen that is so essential for living. The use of this machine generally arises for people who have a very short neck or an enlarged pharynx which causes anatomically blocked airway. The use of this breathing machine makes it safe for the patient to fight this condition and breathe normally during sleeping hours.

BIPAP Breathing Machines – the BIPAP Machines (bi-level positive airway pressure) is also another kind of machine that helps the person suffering from breathing normally to breathe properly. This type of machine is needed for people suffering from obesity or having a history of respiratory problems. They need the aid of a machine to push the air into the lungs and therefore keep the lungs open to allow more oxygen to enter into it and make the process of breathing smooth. The BIPAP machine works through connecting the machine to the face mask which is worn by the patient breathing in and out which aids the oxygen to enter the air sacs within the lungs. These are life saving devices and this particular machine is small and can be kept beside your bed in the home. A professional can assist you in teaching how to use the machine.

Oxygen Concentrator – As the name suggests, it is a machine that supplies pure oxygen to the lungs in order to improve the health condition of the person needing it. Persons with chronic lung conditions, people suffering from acute subsiding pneumonia need the oxygen concentrator especially during nights when the oxygen levels drop in the air. This machine provides pure oxygen via a mask or nasal cannula that is attached to a small prolonged tube placed in both the nostrils.

Respirators – a respirator is a small suitcase that is equipped with a small bottle of water that helps to humidify oxygen. It also has a battery pack to keep charging the respirator which can be charged while the patient is travelling in an automobile and can also be charged at home. People suffering from asthma, chronic obstructive lung disease, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases benefit from the respirator.

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Why GPC Medical is the Best Source to Import Medical Devices from India

How to Buy Medical Supplies: For Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors & Home

Medical supplies are needed in all types of health care centres. These medical supplies compromise from a tiny needle to a large MRI machine. All the items that are required in medical colleges and hospitals or used by health care professionals such as doctors and nurses come in the category of medical supplies. It usually involves surgical, medical products, diagnostic equipment, home medical supply, medical laboratory equipment, life support and many more like this. The business of medical supplies is growing at a very fast pace. If you are willing to purchase medical equipment or supplies, online shopping is the better option to buy these things. The number of online medical suppliers is booming as companies race to grab a slice of market. As there are so many online vendors there is competition between them. To attract their customers they use various schemes and try and give as much as discount on their products. While purchasing medical supplies or equipment you have to follow some instructions which apply for all whether you are buying for a hospital, small clinic or for home use. There are several factors which must be considered before purchase.

  1. Make a list of medical supplies and equipment you are in need and also know the quantity of the products.
  2. Sufficient knowledge of any product is essential before purchasing it.
  3. Browse on internet, you will find a wide range of online medical suppliers.
  4. While exploring on net you have to compare the quality and price of the products of different vendors or sites. High quality medical supplies or equipment may cost you more than standard products but you will likely find that these supplies actually save your money.
  5. Before purchasing the product you should know about the guarantee and it is also beneficial to know the policy of replacing malfunctioning equipment or defected supplies.
  6. It is also important to know the delivery time of the product so that you get delivery on time.
  7. Understand the shipping and pick-up procedure completely with great attention.
  8. Try to purchase medical supplies and equipment from reputed online store so that there may be less chances of cheating. The main reason for buying products from reputable supply company is that you are getting sterile equipment and supplies. They will also supply fully tested and proven products.
  9. Buying products in bulk is a great way to save money on those items which are used frequently in hospitals such as gloves, cotton and bandages.
  10. There is tracking system in online shopping with the help of which we are updated about every action of the product; when it is dispatched and delivered.
  11. You can make payment by debit card and credit card or you can also pay cash on delivery.

Medical Equipment & SuppliesMedical supplies are required in all types of medical facilities. It is also needed in homes, offices and transports in the form of first aid. These supplies usually consist of emergency care product first aid material and equipment for assisted living. Physicians, nurses and other medical industry professional need high-quality equipment and supplies for their practices. You can get thousands of products sitting at home. It is important to purchase wisely so that it can reduce the financial implications of buying medical supplies. Online shopping is always cost-effective as compared to local stores to purchase medical supplies and equipment and these stores also have latest equipment for each and every brand.

GPC Medical Limited, a well trusted brand for all your medical supplies has a reputed name all over the world for their quality products and on time supplies. Since, the usage of these products means that we are dealing with precious lives GPC Medical makes no compromises in the standard of quality and also prices its products reasonably.

To know more about GPC Medical Ltd., please visit:

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Diagnostic Instruments; a must for all Clinics and Hospitals

Instruments that are used to diagnose a person’s health parameters in order to understand the basic problem that a person is suffering from are called diagnostic instruments. For any clinic or hospital having the most competitive diagnostic instrument boosts the patient’s confidence in the hospital or the diagnostic laboratory. The accuracy given by the diagnostic instruments helps in the early diagnosis of the illness and can be very instrumental in getting the treatment started as soon as possible.

Diagnostic instruments are varied in variety and with latest technical innovations they are constantly being upgraded. From the very basic thermometer to check your fever to the very sophisticated Cat scanning machines all fall into the diagnostic instruments.

Types of Diagnostic Instruments

  • The medical imaging machines that help in taking the picture of the body organ and giving a clear image of the picture of the affected body organ are called CT Scan Machines, Ultra Sound Machines, and MRI Machines
  • There are medical monitors that measure a patient’s vital signs like the blood pressure, ECG, EEG, and dissolved gases in the blood.
  • There are medical analysis equipment that helps analyse the blood, urine, and genes.
  • Diagnostic medical equipment can also be used in the house to keep a record of your sugar level and blood pressure.

These are primarily the basic types of diagnostic machines but with technical innovations happening regularly in the medical field more sophisticated machines are always being introduced in the market.

Basic Diagnostic Equipment

Mercury Sphygmomanometer

Mercury Sphygmomanometer

Some of these basic diagnostic equipment are a must for every nursing home or hospital;

  • Stethoscopes and spare Parts : A doctor’s picture is not complete without the stethoscope round his neck. The stethoscope is a listening device or an acoustic instrument used for listening to the sound of the heart and the lungs. It helps the doctor get an idea about your general pulse rate, breathing and health prognosis.
  • Sphygmomanometers and Spares : A sphygmometer is a manual blood pressure measuring machine that helps to determine the flow of the pressure of the blood of an individual. It consists of a cuff that is used to stop the flow of the blood and a mercury device that helps in determining the beginning of the blood pressure and the end of it. The blood pressure maintenance is an important parameter that controls your health in a large way.
  • ECG Machine : The electrocardiography is an electric heart rate measuring device that is used to measure any abnormalities in the functioning of the heart. The electrodes are attached to the skin of the patient as the recording of the heat beat is displayed on a monitor outside the body. It is used for measuring the heart’s electric conduction system. The electrical impulses generated by the polarization and depolarization of the cardiac tissue are shown on a screen in the waveform. The waveform is then analysed to measure the rate and regularity of the heartbeats.
  • Digital Blood Pressure Monitor : A digital blood pressure monitor helps in recording the blood pressure of the individual without the conventional system of needing assistance to measure the blood pressure. It is a small device which can be carried in your bag and without anybody’s help you can use it to check your blood pressure.
  • Clinical Thermometers & Magnifiers – Loupes and Optics : A clinical thermometer helps in giving accuracy in the temperature recorded of the patient. It is necessary to have a thermometer as part of any clinic or hospitals kit. The loupes and optics are magnifiers that help in closely examining any organ of the body.
Binocular Loupe

Binocular Loupe

The list of diagnostic equipment can be unending from a simple measuring tape to a MRI Scanner, it is vast in its variety. However, it is very important for any laboratory or a hospital to go for the right diagnostic equipment.

GPC Medical Limited Offering the Best Range of Diagnostic Equipment

GPC Medical Limited offers you the best range in the diagnostic equipment. Apart from being quality conscious for our products we are very proficient in demonstrating the use of the machines and our after sales service is excellent. We at GPC Medical do not just make tall claims in giving you the best service but our well trained staff actually takes care of all its customer’s needs. Our products give accuracy in their results and from the basic stethoscope to the most sophisticated diagnostic equipment we leave no room for compromise.

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Medical Equipment Essential for Home

GPC Medical Limited - Best Medical Supplies CompanyWith medical awareness on the rise, and health consciousness taking a priority for an increasing number of people, the demand for medical equipment for home has been increasing. A stressful life, changing eating habits, lack of exercise, and lure for comfortable living has unfortunately added to the number of people suffering from hyper-tension, diabetes and other lifestyle related diseases.

With easy to monitor medical equipment available in the market in plenty, it is actually essential to have these medical equipment in your homes to monitor your health timely. However, it is not necessary that you have these diseases to possess the equipment at home. It is always better to buy them as a preventive measure to help you monitor the essential parameters of your health.

Medical Equipment that can be used in the House

A glucometer to check your glucose levels will help you monitor your sugar level and will make your doctor’s job easier to prescribe the medication to you and change the prescription as per the need. If you are on insulin, it becomes a necessity to have the glucometer in your house to keep a record of your sugar level.

A blood pressure measuring machine or a sphygmomanometer as referred in the medical terms is a machine to measure the pressure of the flow of your blood. From the beginning of the flow to the end of it determines and records your blood pressure reading. In the earlier days another person was needed to measure the blood pressure with a cuff and stethoscope. Now a days, the machine is digital and measures both your systolic and diastolic blood pressure with accuracy without the need for another person.

Nebulizers: There is a dramatic rise in the number of people suffering from respiratory problems probably due to the rise of pollution in the air. A nebulizer can be a lifesaving instrument for people suffering from asthma, and COPD. The nebulizer transforms the medication into air that the patient can inhale and can be timely overcome by the respiratory congestion.

Wheel Chairs: Wheel Chairs are necessary in houses with people who are unable to move without support. This may be due to old age, accident, disability, knee pain, or any other form of restriction that makes a patient unable to move on his or her own support. In such cases a wheel chair comes very handy to keep the patient mobile.

Crutches, walkers, lift chairs, knee chairs, shower chairs, geriatric hip chairs, knee chairs etc, all these equipment help the patient become mobile in the house and helps also the caretakers to become comfortable while looking after their near ones.

Intravenous supplies and defibrillators are equipment that can be used at home but with professional help to assist you.

Tips to keep in Mind while Purchasing Medical Equipment to be used at Home

  • While purchasing the equipment the individual should check for the various brands available and compare their quality, features, and prices.
  • The buyer should read the instructions given with the instrument and ask the dealer to give a demonstration of how to use it.
  • The buyer should not be lured by the cheap Chinese equipment available in the market because they may not give you the correct readings and are less durable. It can be a sheer waste of money.
  • The after sales service and testimonials of the previous users will help you decide the right brand.
  • Since, we are talking about health the right quality and an honest brand is very important.
  • We recommend GPC Medical Limited for buying your medical home equipment because it is a trusted name for years and gives you the best quality with the appropriate price.
  • GPC Medical Limited gives its clients the best after sales service and demonstration to its clients. Their staff is very supportive and will guide you through all your queries with a smile.

We also recommend you to have these equipment at home because health is your most precious wealth and monitoring on time may save you from some major health problems. Like they say “Prevention is better than cure

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Best Hospital & Medical Supplies Company in India

GPC Medical Limited – The Most Trusted Suppliers of Medical and Hospital Needs

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Best Medical Equipment Manufacturing Company in India

GPC Medical Limited is a Delhi based international standard company that manufactures and exports hospital, medical, surgical and laboratory equipment. These include all kinds of devices and instruments that work in the medical chain. GPC has its wings spread into almost all the medical supplies and is a one stop source for all your hospital and laboratory needs.

Our Products

Orthopedic Implants & Instruments

Why GPC is the best option for all your medical supplies needs?

GPC believes in stringent quality standards since there can be no scope of compromise for a precious life. The professionals employed for GPC are a highly qualified team that follows the quality norms with absolute passion and perseverance. GPC qualifies as a world class company for the products it manufactures and has the following certifications to prove its quality standards.

  • CE
  • ISO9001-2008
  • ISO 13485:2012
  • WHO-GMP Compliant
  • US FDA 510 (K)

The norms of these certifications are followed with strictly maintained standards.

GPC and its worldwide presence

GPC products are not only sold and supplied in India but almost in all parts of the world they have their niche. We often participate in International trade fairs and personally visit our valued international clients for their valued patronage towards GPC products.

Customer Satisfaction  

The strength of GPC lies in keeping its customers satisfied. Every product is double checked and verified before being sent to the client and whether it’s a small order a big order the quality and the customer satisfaction is given equal footage. We believe in participating in providing healthy lives to people with our products and winning their smiles and blessings.

We also customize our products manufacturing according to the need of the clients for their hospitals or laboratories. The raw material that is used for our products is never compromised for its quality and is the best in the market.

Even once the products are sold we take a regular feedback from our clients to keep them completely satisfied with our products and take tips from them for further improvement if required. We are innovative and flexible in our approach and mould the products as per the needs of the medical institution.

Competitive Pricing

We price all our products very competitively while maintaining high standards. Our pricing is the best in the market and will make the customer feel the best value for their money. Honest and valued pricing is one of the trademarks of all the GPC Medical products.

GPC therefore stands out as the best company for all your hospital and medical supplies requirement.

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Client Testimonials:

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