Orthopedic Supports: Comforters for Patients

Human body is a complex system of nature which requires certain care and toning. In case a person doesn’t care much about the needs of his/her body, it is most likely to fall under stress. Any condition that compels your body to stay inactive falls under muscle stress. Orthopedic support is the solution we turn our heads to. Several supporting materials are available in the market for several body parts. Let’s move to the types in which orthopedic supports are available.

Orthopedic Support for Upper Body:

The Orthopedic Support for upper body comprises the supports for neck, back and shoulders. For neck, there are several kinds and sizes of orthopedic braces designed specifically for relieving aches in cervical collars. Most of the readers are quite aware of these braces. In case someone gets injured and the cervical collar is damaged, these braces are a great help in relieving the pain caused by the damage. The cushions are curved in design in order to adjust properly in the arch of the back and neck as well. These cushions are also known as orthopedic pillows.

There are cases in which the patients are partially recovered. In these cases, they are allowed to drive or to sit in chairs or to take any physiotherapy classes. While performing these tasks, a situation may arise where the pain strikes back. In order to prevent the pain from causing maximum displeasure, orthopedic pillows come in to aid the victim. These pillows, apart from relieving the pain, also help in promoting better sleep.

Orthopedic Support for Lower Body:

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Products & AidsThe most common and sought-after lower body orthopedic support is the feet support. Feet are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. The probability of feet injury is a bit more than any other body part due to one of the other reason. The orthopedic foot support is made as per the sizes and dimensions of standard shoes. Arch support for the heel is the best orthopedic support which is designed to heal the ankle or the heel of your feet.

Knee braces are another type of orthopedic supports. In case a patient is recovering from a serious knee injury or has undergone a surgery, knee-braces are the best option. The knee-braces are designed in a manner which not only provide stabilization to the joints, but also aids in preventing the knee joints from further clogging or tilting. The healing of the knee is done when the braces apply pressure on the affected area causing it to press against the other part. There are several kinds of knee-braces and some are adjustable as well.

The orthopedic supports are the best option for the post-operation relief. They are available in different sizes and shapes. The gel-filled arch supports are trending these days and they can provide the best support because they can be cooled and then be used properly. Human body needs to be cared for the way we take care of other artificial things in our lives.





Managing neck pain at home with cervical solutions

Cervical collar which is also called a neck brace is a medical device used in orthopedic cases. It is most commonly used for neck, lower head and spine injuries and to treat chronic medical conditions. It can also be used in emergency cases of neck or upper spine injury to prevent further damage or injuries. Its main function is to maintain the perfect or prescribed neck and head position and to relieve pain of the patient.

Using cervical collar is very helpful because it aids in re-positioning the cervical vertebrae so that it does not face any further problem in the future; however cervical collar only stabilizes the top seven vertebrae, C1 to C7. These collars are made from a range of supplies and materials such as elastic cotton, nylon, molded plastic and foam rubber.

Cervical Collars

Types of Cervical Collars:

Soft/Standard Collar:

A soft collar or a standard cervical collar is the most commonly used one, made from foam and stockinet. A Velcro strap is in place for support purposes. Commonly patients suffering from soft cervical spine injury or chronic condition are given a soft collar for some days to a month. Slight movement of neck and the head is possible with these collars. The fine quality does not affect the skin, leaving no rash or itchy marks.

Thomas-Type Collar:

This is also a very well known type of cervical collar. Just like the above mentioned soft collar, it is made up of vinyl plastic and also has some small holes for suitable ventilation. The best feature of this collar is that it also has a chin rest with it which is very comfortable. There are foam pads attached and upper and lower sides so the plastic does not bother the patient or be painful.

Philadelphia Cervical Collars:

These collars come in a two piece part. The first part protects the back portion of the neck and the other part is for supporting the front portion. It is made up of Velcro or hard plastic for firm support and some amount of movement. As these collars are made up of hard material, there is nice and soft foam padding which are non allergic and comfortable. While supporting the neck muscles, it takes time to heal the spinal cord and ligaments. It’s the best type of collar for people with cervical issues. In the hospitals, it has space in the middle for emergency tracheotomy procedure.

Miami-J Collar:

A Miami-J collar is much like the Philadelphia collar but just has an additional thoracic extension brace for supporting the thoracic spine of the body. Along with the plastic, that allows movement, it also has foam padding internally for comfort and loses for ventilation. Many experts call it just like the Philadelphia brace but with extra comfort.

Aspen Collar:

An Aspen collar is like the Miami-J and Philadelphia one, but the major difference is the padding. It is much softer and is considered more breathable and different than the two. It also has space in the middle for emergency tracheotomy procedure.


There is a different collar for emergencies in paramedic setting which is very hard and sued temporarily for hospital transportation only to keep the head and neck still for further injury protection.

Source: http://www.gpcmedical.com/203/rehabilitation-products-&-aids.html

Rehabilitation Products & Aids to make Your Life Easier

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Products & AidsAs humans we are constantly undergoing changes in our lifestyles and body build up. As we age or due to some unforeseen circumstances, we need supportive aids to make our lives comfortable and easier. GPC Medical Limited, is constantly making a sincere effort, towards giving the society Medical Rehabilitation Aids that are easy to use and gives you a better lifestyle.

Speciality about GPC Rehabilitation Medical Products:

    • We supply products that are very wide in range making it easier for the customers to get all their rehabilitation medical aids at one stop. The client does not need to go at various places for their different needs.
    • GPC Medical manufactures products that cater to disability aids, mobility products, disability equipment, mobility supplies, and rehabilitation supplies.
    • A patient after a surgery usually requires various disability aids to recoup and get back to a normal lifestyle. GPC Medical provides its customers with products that help the disabled person to recover quickly and with a comfortable feel. Our products bear a mark of high standard with the latest medical technological innovativeness.
    • The range of disability aids that GPC Medical has is very wide. From the smallest needs of bath seats, bed pads, reachers, wheel chair tables, swivel seats for disabled drivers, garden tables, and any other needs that is available in the market for disability needs is provided by GPC Medical Limited.
    • A person who is unable to move without support can feel very frustrated and depressed. GPC Medical takes care of all the specific needs of patients who are unable to move on their own. It specializes in manufacturing all kinds of products that are required by the patient to make him or her mobile.
    • Our mobility products are sturdy, customized for every need and long lasting. From different types of wheel chairs to walkers, walking sticks, swimming pool transfers, emergency evacuation, or any other mobility aids you could think of, we provide to you.
    • It is extremely important for a patient to be using the specified and specialized rehabilitation product in order to recover quickly and without infection.
    • GPC Medical makes absolutely no compromises on the kind of raw material it uses to manufacture its products in order to give its patients the maximum benefit and a long term relationship with the company.
    • GPC Medical is very specific about manufacturing its products in the most hygienic atmosphere and micro minutely pays attention to the manufacturing process at all levels. The staffs are very vigilant and leave no room for any kind of faults during the manufacturing process.
    • GPC Medical staff is specially trained to deal with its customers in the most polite manner. They are directed to satisfy all the customer needs with a smile on their face.

At GPC medical Limited, all your medical rehabilitation needs will be met with the kind of price you are looking for and standard of products that is world class and technically engineered with the latest medical research.

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